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Cologne to establish Mobility Council to support SUMP Development

The German city of Cologne is about to start developing its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). In order to support the process, the city's Traffic Committee has decided to establish a Mobility Council.

The Mobility Council will effectively be an expert panel, which will bring together members of the public administration, contracted external experts, political decision makers and stakeholders. The stakeholders will be drawn from a range of interest groups, including those focusing on regional cooperation, young people, seniors, those with mobility impairments, transport service providers and transport associations, as well as experts from economics and different scientific disciplines.


The main mission of the Mobility Council will be to provide professional support and quality assurance to the SUMP development process. It will also enable an exchange of ideas and a discussion of the concept and technical details of the plan between political decision makers, members of the administration, stakeholders and experts from diverse interest groups.

The development process of Cologne's SUMP is scheduled to start in the autumn of 2022. The SUMP will be an important element of Cologne's efforts to achieve climate neutrality in its transport system in the medium- to long-term.

Source: Eltis

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