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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE17 ENV/GR/000215 and  the co-financing of Green Fund, Greece

Itaca s.r.l. - ITACA

Itaca s.r.l. is a spin‐off company of University of Calabria and University of Salento, operating in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) field. Over the years and mainly thanks to the RD projects carried out, ITACA has realized the following products:

  • Ride2Go: An integrated system for the real‐time tracking, tracing, control and on‐demand management of a fleet of vehicles. The systems is based on the integration of innovative technologies for the real‐time tracking and tracing of the vehicles (GPS/GPRS/UMTS), web technologies and Simulation/Optimization state of the art models and methods in the field of fleet management and offers functionalities for the effective continuous monitoring of the position and the state of the activities carried out by the vehicles, the efficient real‐time assignment and on‐demand management of the service requests. The platform is capable of well addressing a number of decisions problems in the field of distributive logistics (for instance courier management, product/services distribution to customers, etc.) and in the field of collective transport (taxi management, carpooling, bus on demand, etc.).

  • Ulixes: Ulixes is an integrated ERP for transport and logistics operators. It is a fully featured web applications consisting of several modules addressing the most critical aspects for a customer. It allows to effectively handle all the information and the business process for a transport company. All the assets can be managed: lines, journeys, vehicles and operating profile, etc. It also includes Automatic Vehicle Location to keep track of the service delivered and to monitor fleet efficiency. Shift scheduling is addressed as well. An interactive user interface will guide the user while planning shifts, offering suggestions and analytic data in order to speed up the planning process.

Contact details

Via P. Bucci 41 C

87036, Rende (CS), Italy

Tel.: +39 0984 46 34 18

Web: Itaca s.r.l. homepage

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