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Italian guidance published on “Urban logistics in an integrated vision”

The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has published guidance for cities on taking an integrated approach to urban logistics. The document aims to deal with the challenges involved in moving goods around a city in general, and with increased e-commerce in particular. 

The movement of goods in urban areas is largely determined by the continuous changes in demand induced by changes in our lifestyles, and where and how we shop. The evaluation of urban logistics, its rationalisation and its development towards being effective, efficient and sustainable are an important part of mobility planning.

In this context, the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has published guidance, jointly prepared by the Technical Mission Structure of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the national ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) and the Freight Leaders Council.

The document, entitled "Urban logistics in an integrated vision ", deals with the issue of the movement of goods in cities which, with the increase in e-commerce that sprang up following the Covid-19 epidemic, is taking on completely different profiles compared to a few years ago.

The document intends to be a first, but fundamental, step aimed at better understanding the challenges that political decision-makers (central and local) must face in the daily elaboration of sustainable mobility policies in the urban environment. It intends to be an initial orientation on the theme of urban logistics and above all, a holistic approach to the definition of related policies.

It identifies, indicates and describes the most suitable measures and actions to overcome the challenges of delivering sustainable urban logistics, while mitigating the concerns of operators in relation to the development of integrated and resilient urban logistics strategies.

The document is structured in 4 charters:

  • The priority issues for urban logistics.

  • Indications for the support for an integrated and resilient urban logistics.

  • How to put urban logistics measures into an operational system? 

  • Actions that can be implemented immediately.


The document is available only in Italian and can be downloaded here

Source: Eltis

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