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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE17 ENV/GR/000215 and  the co-financing of Green Fund, Greece

Online two-day Info Event: “LIFE and SMEs”

The LIFE Cyclamen Team, together with the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB), is organising an online two-day Info Event titled “LIFE and SMEs”.


The two-day Info Event will take place as follows:

Thursday May 13th 2021, 11:00 – 12:30 (agenda)
Access link: 
Wednesday May 26th 2021, 11:00 – 12:30 (agenda)
Access link:

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The purpose of this two-day Info Event is to inform SMEs about the LIFE Programme and how they can benefit from this funding instrument.


During this Info Event we will have with us a number of guest speakers representing SMEs outside of Cyprus. They will share with us their experience with the LIFE Programme and the various gains achieved through this funding instrument.


Sharing of experiences and gains

The LIFE Projects that will be presented during this event are:


Thursday May 13th, 2021

The LIFE GAIA Sense project demonstrates gaiasense, an innovative “Smart Farming” (SF) solution that aims at reducing the consumption of natural resources, as a way to protect the environment and support Circular Economy (CE) models. More specifically, this project will launch 18 demonstrators across Greece, Spain and Portugal covering 9 crops (olives, peaches, cotton, pistachio, potatoes, table tomatoes, industrial tomatoes, almonds, kiwi) in various terrain and microclimatic conditions. The project will demonstrate an innovative method, based on high-end technology, which is suitable for being replicated and will be accessible and affordable to Farmers either as individuals or collectively through Agricultural Cooperatives. The project’s Coordinating Beneficiary is NEUROPUBLIC AE PLIROFORIKIS & EPIKOINONION, an innovative ICT SME specialized in the development of integrated IS and high-demand applications built in Cloud computing architecture. This project relates to IT companies, agricultural organizations, agricultural cooperatives, agricultural consultants, organic farmers, farmers and other stakeholders.

The LIFE VISIONS project aims to develop an innovative photocatalytic paint, to achieve healthy indoor environments, and to induce energy savings in the building sector. The Coordinating Beneficiary of the Project is the National Center for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOS and one of the associated beneficiaries is VITEX A.E, which will produce in semi industrial scale photo-paints. VITEX A.E., which was founded in 1932, is a company with a long history in industrial production of paints and varnishes. This project relates to companies in the field of paints, but also professional teams that will apply the new product in their projects, as well as companies/organizations that could apply the new product in their facilities.

Wednesday May 26th, 2021

The LIFE FOODPRINT project aimed to identify, quantify and implement measures to reduce, the carbon footprint (CF) of the pastry and flour food industry sector along the supply chain while increasing competitiveness through the development of an innovative software tool. The project’s Coordinating Beneficiary was Jotis SA Food Industry. The project relates to the food industry and other similar sectors, which use electricity as an energy form of in their production lines.

The LIFE GYR – LIFE GreenYourRoute project aims to deliver and demonstrate an innovative, smart, and integrated green vehicle routing platform (i.e. an intelligent transportation planning and execution system) for last mile delivery of goods in urban environments. The Coordinating Beneficiary of the Project is the University of Thessaly with associated beneficiaries from Greece, Italy and the Czech Republic. Militos Consulting S.A., associated beneficiary of the project, will present the lessons learnt and gains from their participation in this project. This project relates to various sectors of the economy, such as the supply chain and the transport of goods and passengers.

Register for this event by following this link.


What is the LIFE Programme?

The LIFE Programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation by co-financing projects with European added value.

Source: lifecyclamen

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