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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE17 ENV/GR/000215 and  the co-financing of Green Fund, Greece

Research and Innovation in Urban Mobility, Logistics and Public Transport

The Joint Research Committee (JRC) have recently published two reports titled “Research and Innovation in Urban Mobility and Logistics in Europe” and “Public transport research and innovation in Europe”. Both reports provide analysis based upon the Transport Research and Innovation Monitoring and Information System (TRIMIS) database.

TRIMIS provides open-access information on transport research and innovation. It supports the implementation of transport policies at both the EU and Member State levels. TRIMIS analyses technology trends and research and innovation capacities across the European transport sector. The European Green Deal and its target to achieve a 90% reduction in transport-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, together with the new EU Urban Mobility Framework, put urban mobility, logistics and public transport in the spotlight of EU mobility policies. In order to reduce the negative impacts of transport and improve mobility and transport systems in cities, research and innovation is key.


Urban Mobility and Logistic in Europe

The 'Urban Mobility and Logistics in Europe' report provides a review of recent trends, challenges and achievements of European research and innovation initiatives in urban mobility and logistics. Using the TRIMIS database, the report identified 331 relevant projects which focus on urban mobility and logistics, as well as presenting recommendations for future research priorities and initiatives.


Key conclusions on the way forward for R&I in this area include the importance of supporting cities on data collection, to calculate sustainable urban mobility indicators to increase the evidence base for SUMP planning and implementation.


Public Transport

The 'Public Transport' Science for Policy Brief presents main trends in public transport research and innovation in Europe, based on a recent JRC report. The brief summarises data on research and innovation, European funding and identifies main trends, key areas of development and their main achievements. In addition, the brief highlights further research needs and policy implications.


The brief found that 114 projects of all transport-related Horizon 2020 projects are focused directly on public transport research and innovation, with a total budget of €460 billion. The main themes of this research include transport planning and management, digitalisation and the electrification of transport. The findings indicate that future initiatives should focus on fostering an inclusive, safe, affordable, sustainable and attractive public transport.

Source: Eltis

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