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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE17 ENV/GR/000215 and  the co-financing of Green Fund, Greece


LIFE GreenYourRoute (LIFE GYR) project introduces and demonstrates an innovative tool that prevents air pollution by making pickup and delivery of goods greener, more sustainable and more efficient in urban environments.


Project-related socio-economic effects

• Improved know-how for 8 organizations from 3 EU member states (Czech Republic, Greece and Italy) beneficiaries of the project. At least 47 team members from the beneficiaries will directly gain expertise and knowledge through the project and the exchange their experiences and knowledge with other members of the consortium or other organizations (ex. logistics companies invited to webinars and workshops). Improved know-how not only increases specific environmental/transportation problem awareness, but mainly improves the beneficiaries’ competitiveness at national and international level.

• At least 44.7 FTE (11,820MD/man-days necessary for the implementation of the project divided by 264 working days of a year i.e. 22MD* months) positions will be maintained or created during LIFE GYR lifetime (recorded as additional or permanent staff in the budget analysis).

• Networking of beneficiaries with groups from different administration levels and different sectors: all of the beneficiaries are networking with bodies within and beyond their countries for the demonstration and the dissemination of LIFE GYR. The socioeconomic benefits of networking are important especially for Greek partners whose presence in European networks and initiatives is, in general terms, lower than the other countries’.


Implementation-related socio-economic effects

• Implement and update environmental and transportation policies.

• Traffic emissions have become increasingly relevant in the discussion of air quality problems, climate change and mitigation policies. The need for a green transport gives rise to new transport policies aiming at reducing not only non-GHG emissions but also GHG emissions and transportation cost. LIFE GYR can be used in combination with a simulation platform as a decision support system by authorities, agencies and companies in order to evaluate and test existing and new policies for logistics operations (ex. waste collection, delivery of gas, impact of changing a vehicle fleet etc.).

• Improved know-how for at least 13 organisations from at least 3 countries (Czech Republic, Greece and Italy) participating in demonstration and dissemination activities.

Improved technology for SME’s operators in at least 3 countries and 7 entities. LIFE GYR will incite more SMEs to join the platform, having realized that they could potentially benefit from the use of decision support tool (such as GYR apps) for their regular operations.

• Improved competitiveness for SME’s operators by promoting better quality services towards the customers (new delivering options ex. with specific time windows, well-trained personnel etc.), and satisfying the increased demand for pick-ups and deliveries in urban environment (increase usability of resources);

• Improve social image of 7 SMEs which, gaining better control of transportation planning including expenses, delivery service and environmental issues, reduce their pricing strategy and incorporate to their brand, corporate image, CSR and SDG commitments.

• Enhancement of public health conditions, life and aesthetic quality of local communities due to reduced non-GHG and GHG emission and of congestion in urban road networks.


An alternative routing strategy (i.e. green routing) will decrease air and noise pollution in a city, which will incur large-scale public-health benefits. The people most affected by local air pollution from transport fuels are those leaving in urban environment. This is predominantly less wealthy people without resources to cope with ill health and the economic consequences thereof. Quieter roads mean a decrease in daily travelling time and a subsequent increase in an individual’s free time. Aesthetic impacts are not only associated to environmental impacts; they also have a significant impact on the social well-being of the community and resident perceptions about the quality of life in the community.

LIFE GYR will also incite vehicles’ drivers to think of their carbon footprint while working, thus cultivating an environment-oriented way of making decisions and acting.

During LIFE GYR 5 EU demonstrators and minimum 3 between the 20 participated in webinars will include for the first time environmental considerations in the routing optimization process resulting the most environmental and cost efficient route for pick-ups and deliveries of commodities.

Another effect is the increase of workload and creation of jobs during replication of LIFE GYR in other SMEs. GYR’s Web and smartphone app are expected to be replicated into SME’s, at least those 3 participating in the webinars.

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