With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE17 ENV/GR/000215 and  the co-financing of Green Fund, Greece

Cities across Europe are striving for climate neutrality. And with a growing awareness of the role of transport in our emissions, leaders from cities across Europe are more committed than ever to share their best practices and make sure climate neutrality can be ‘mission possible’.


Source: Eltis

June 16, 2021

Findings from the Eurocities Mobility Forum Meeting: Climate Neutrality is Mission Possible

At the EU Green Week, Europe’s biggest environmental event, the winners of the 2021 LIFE Awards were announced by the EU’s LIFE programme. This years’ Awards honoured winners in three different categories from the Slovak Republic (Nature), Spain (Environment), and France (Climate Action). The public also voted for their favourite project in the Citizen’s Award, and the work and dedication of young volunteers were recognised in the LIFE4Youth Award.


Source: European Commission

June 6, 2021

LIFE Programme: EU honours Inspirational Projects supporting Nature, Environment and Climate Action

IRU, the world transport organisation, has launched a Green Compact for collective global action to achieve carbon neutrality in commercial road transport services by 2050.


Source: IRU

May 30, 2021

Road Transport Industry launches Global Green Compact to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050


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The LIFE GreenYourRoute (LIFE GYR) [LIFE17 ENV/GR/000215] project is co-funded by the LIFE programme, the EU financial instrument for the environment and the Greek Green Fund. Its aim is creating an optimization platform for last mile delivery of goods, taking environmental aspects into consideration.

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